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 Made of composite, its surface is striated to mimic fabric that has been wrapped around a vessel and slathered in a beautiful papier-mâché treatment. One of the loveliest aspects of this design is that it is strikingly contemporary for a garden planter thanks to its crisp white/gray finish and the top lip that rolls into its interior to leave the shape clean-lined. We offer this white garden planter in a number of sizes and we have gray planters in round and square shapes

Extra Small : Size 21x21x17"H / (23x23x19"H packed)Weight 23 Lbs / (26 Lbs packed)

Small: Size 27x27x22"H / (29x29x24"H packed)Weight 42 Lbs / (47 Lbs packed)

Medium:  Size 35x35x29"H / (37x37x31"H packed)Weight 64 Lbs / (68 Lbs packed)

Large: Size 43x43x34"H / (45x45x37"H packed)Weight 140 Lbs / (170 Lbs packed)

Extra Large: Size 59x59x47"H / (61x61x49"H packed)Weight 226 Lbs / (250 Lbs packed)

Ribbon planter

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